Exploring Childhood Publics

How do children encounter, experience and engage with public life and how might we recognise, describe and communicate such encounters, experiences and engagements? Over the past five years the ERC Connectors Study (2014-2019) has been engaging with this question to better understand the relationship between childhood and public life working with a diverse group of younger children (aged 6-8 years) in three cities (Athens, Hyderabad, London) in order to reconceptualise meanings and practices of children’s participation.

The closing event for the study was held in London on Friday 11 January 2019 at Amnesty International UK, in Shoreditch.

The event was attended by students, researchers and other academic colleagues. During the event the team shared theoretical and methodological advances from the study, as well as reflecting on the study’s publics creating methodologies and emergent aspects of a large international, European funded research project.

In the afternoon, the first-ever Children’s Photography Archive was launched.

The event was a celebration of five years of engaging critically, creatively and experimentally with childhood, public life, and politics.

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