About the project

The European Research Council funded Connectors Study (ERC-StG-335514) (2014-2019) started at the University Sussex (2014-2017) and continued at Goldsmiths, University of London (2018-2019). The study explored the relationship between childhood and public life in three cities: Athens, Greece; Hyderabad, India; London, United Kingdom. The team spent time with 45 children, aged 6 at the start of the study, and their families, over three years finding out how children encountered, experienced and engaged with public life, broadly defined. The purpose of the study was to create rich ethnographic and multimodal material on children’s everyday lives, in diverse settings and during a historical period of rapid socio-economic change, in order to re-theorise children’s participation and the emergence of an orientation towards social action in childhood.

Project team: Christos Varvantakis (Research Fellow, Athens); Vinnarasan Aruldoss (Research Fellow, Hyderabad); Robyn Long (Research Assistant); Claire Prater (Project Coordinator); Melissa Nolas (Principal Investigator).

Funder: European Research Council (ERC-StG-335514).

An archived version of our original and very popular project blog can be accessed here.

Indicative publications

Varvantakis, C., Dragonas, T., Askouni, N. and Nolas, S-M. (forthcoming) ‘Grounding childhood (trans)national identities in everyday life‘, Children & Society. 

Varvantakis, C. (2018) ‘Like the palm of my hand: Children and Public Space in Central Athens‘, LivingMaps Review 4. Open Access.

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2017) ‘Talking politics in everyday family lives’, Contemporary Social Science, 12(1-2), pp.68-83. DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2017.1330965. Open Access.

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2016) ‘(Im)possible conversations? Activism, childhood and everyday life’, Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 4(1), pp. 252-265. DOI: 10.5964/jspp.v4i1.536. Open Access.

Nolas, S-M. (2015). ‘Children’s participation, childhood publics and social change: a reviewChildren & Society, Vol. 29(2), pp.157-167. DOI: 10.1111/chso.12108