New adventures in archiving: introducing the Children’s Photography Archive

On Friday 11 January 2019, the ERC Connectors Study team held the project closing event ‘Exploring childhood publics’. In this blog post Melissa Nolas and Christos Varvantakis reflect on the crossroads that are endings and beginnings, and talk about future plans in the form of the Children’s Photography Archive, an unintended outcome of the Connectors Study.

  On Friday last (11/01/2019) we ran our closing event for the ERC Connectors Study. The event was held at Amnesty International UK in London. The event was an opportunity for us to showcase and celebrate five years worth of work on childhood publics, and the relationship between childhood and public life. We were joined by our advisory group and a number of colleagues who have walked alongside us, and who have been important interlocutors for us over the last five years.
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Activism on the edge of age

Activism on the edge of age was a two-day workshop funded through the ERC Connectors Study bringing together an interdisciplinary group of researchers working on activism broadly defined from the perspectives of ‘the everyday’ and the life course.

In Common

in common was a series of exhibitions held in London, Hyderabad and Athens showcasing the ERC Connectors Study findings through children’s photo/stories.

Making Connections

A series of free one-day workshops funded through the ERC Connectors Study for doctoral students, early career researchers and researchers in practice settings, to explore multimodal ethnography as a research method.