Experiments with timecapsules

Elina Moraitopoulou is a doctoral student at the University of Hamburg and a researcher at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Elina has been experimenting with the photographs from the Connectors Collection in Children's Photography Archive for her doctoral research and here she writes about her experience with children in English primary schools. 

I am caught up in my head looking for the words that best describe the impotence possessing my body when all efforts to convene my eight-year-old research interlocutors around the table are failing. Ali, sitting next to me, finds much more interest in toasting the communal teddy-frog on the surface of the heater plugged beside him, sending everyone into peals of laughter. We are sitting in a small room, at the top floor of the school. The main building door, right underneath us, opens widely and Year-Two flows out into the yard, their voices transcending the school’s stone walls and double-glazed windows. A voice recorder placed a few minutes ago right at the middle of the room is capturing some of the sonic happenings which may well bring back the same visceral discomfort and sweating hands when I sit down months later to playback the recording. It’s almost mid-day and I know I have limited time until our group disperses for the day, and my young research companions are called back to class. All the while, I play the same question in my head: How do I talk to them about memory?

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The Childhood Publics Reading Group was established in the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2019/20 as a space to bring together those working in the interdisciplinary field of childhood studies at Goldsmiths and beyond.

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in common was a series of exhibitions held in London, Hyderabad and Athens showcasing the ERC Connectors Study findings through children’s photo/stories.

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A series of free one-day workshops funded through the ERC Connectors Study for doctoral students, early career researchers and researchers in practice settings, to explore multimodal ethnography as a research method.