In Common


in common: children’s photo-stories of public life was an exhibition of children’s photo-stories about what matters to them, hosted by the Connectors team in London, Hyderabad and Athens between late 2017 and early 2018.


The exhibitions were the outcome of three years intensive research with children and showcased the study findings through photographic stories created by the children. These exhibitions explored the ways that younger children encounter, experience and maybe engage with public life. We examined what public life means for younger children, and questioned how thinking about public life from a child’s perspective might help us to re-think the relationships between public-private-personal-political experiences.


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We have drawn together the children’s photo-stories in a free ebook, available to view here:





The exhibition also featured illustrated and anonymously crowdsourced stories of ‘earliest political memories’ from members of the public. There were also opportunities for visitors to contribute their own ‘earliest political memories’ to the emerging archive.

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The team reflected on the experiences of hosting the exhibitions in podcasts recorded at the events:



Alongside the exhibitions, the Connectors team also hosted a free one-day workshop for doctoral students and early career researchers, to explore multimodal ethnography as a research method. You can read a summary of the workshops here