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Earliest political memory #44

In Hungary, the earliest political memory of my generation is the death of the first democratically elected prime minister after the fall of socialism, József Antal, in 1993 but for far from political reasons. On the state television, the cartoon Duck Tales was suddenly stopped in the middle of episode. After maybe half an hour or silence, suddenly an announcement by the deputy prime minister was made about the PM passing away in the hospital. The two-hours Walt Disney programme on the television on the Sunday afternoon, of which was part of, was something all children were looking forward for the whole week. Needless to say that at the time there were no Hungarian cable channels only the two state channels, and ‘the Walt Disney’ was pretty new as an American programme on the television. I was ten years old when this happened, and in my age cohort really everybody still remembers this with memories of shock and confusion. The episode in question was only showed many years later on television again.”

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